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Welcome to Gaia ED – a place for Kaiako:

  • to learn from nature not just about nature;
  • to experience the Gaia (Earth) Education philosophy, principles and practices;
  • to be inspired about best practice learning environments;
  • to accelerate your teaching and leadership journey;
  • to be the teacher you were born to be.

International & National Study Tours

Experience the Gaia (Earth) education journey through the lens of some world class ECE centres in NZ, Australia, Canada, USA, and Sweden. This is a unique and exclusive opportunity for teachers, leaders and managers to visit some truly inspiring and multi-award winning centres. This is the best way of “seeing” “best-in-class” centres in action, rather than just hearing about them via a slide show. Educators can select from a range of tours that showcase ECE environments, aligned Gaia (Earth) values, and practical outcomes for children through the lens of different seasons of Earth:

  • Gaia Spring Awakening Tour (Sep/Oct),
  • Gaia Summer Adventure Tour (Dec/Jan),
  • Gaia Autumn Reflection Tour (Mar/Apr),
  • Gaia Winter Resilience Tour (Jun/Jul).
NB dates and seasons are reversed for tours in the northern hemisphere (Sweden, Canada, USA)

If you are interested in joining one of our study tours, please sign up to our newsletter or contact us directly.

1-1 Mentoring

We work with teachers at a 1-1 level to enrich your teaching journey. Our tailored 1-1 mentoring services include regular:

  • on site teaching observations
  • reflective meetings
  • registration support

During your mentoring journey, you will have the opportunity to share and learn about some teaching gems from the Gaia (Earth) education philosophy.

Centre Quality Audits

Receive all the benefits of skills, qualifications and experience from your very own “Quality Assurance Manager”, at a fraction of the cost:

  • Regular (quarterly) quality audits in your centre
  • Install or strengthen a continuous improvement culture
  • Deliver a steady best practice performance throughout an ERO review cycle (not just at the obvious last minute!)
  • Strategies and pathways to improve quality performance
  • Be empowered to balance “risky play” vs. “risky business”.

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